ICEA and APAIE has established a strategic cooperative relationship.

Recently,  International Culture and Education Association and  Asia-Pacific International Educational Exchange Association have formally established strategic cooperative relations and become strategic partners.

The Asia-Pacific International Education Exchange Association, founded in Hongkong, is a non-profit organization for the gathering and nurturing of young leaders and entrepreneurs. The association aims to provide international education opportunities for young people and entrepreneurs, to develop leadership, to foster a sense of social responsibility, and to provide a sense of social responsibility, and to provide a sense of social responsibility. The development of personal business and the opportunity for global development of enterprises, through constructive exchanges in the Asia Pacific region, help individuals and enterprises to improve their competitive advantages, promote development and contribute to the education and social development of the Asia Pacific region.

After establishing the strategic cooperation relationship with the Asia Pacific International Education Exchange Association, the international cultural education Federation and the Asia Pacific International Education Exchange Association will strengthen cooperation in the field of international education exchange, broaden the international vision of students, improve students' competitiveness and contribute to the development of Chinese art education by carrying out activities such as art travel and visiting and exchange.

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